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Solid Lotion Bar Twist Up Tube


  • Amazingly Grace 7 In stock
  • Blackberry Almond 6 In stock
  • Butter Cream & Snickerdoodle 8 In stock
  • Chanel No. 5 8 In stock
  • Cherry Blossom 7 In stock
  • Coconut Dreams 7 In stock
  • Dark Kiss 5 In stock
  • Dragons Blood 7 In stock
  • Fresh Snow 8 In stock
  • Gardenia 7 In stock
  • Ginger Peach 5 In stock
  • Grace 7 In stock
  • Jasmine 5 In stock
  • Just Plain Naked 7 In stock
  • Lavender 5 In stock
  • Lemon Cake - LIMITED EDITION 5 In stock
  • Lemon Verbena 4 In stock
  • Lilac 6 In stock
  • Lily of the Valley 7 In stock
  • Little Black Dress 7 In stock
  • Midnight Pomegranate 6 In stock
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey 6 In stock
  • Patchouli 7 In stock
  • Sandalwood 8 In stock
  • Vanilla 5 In stock

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I am in love with solid lotion bars! Even the best homemade soap cannot keep this Minnesota girl moisturized all year round. I use a lotion bar on my legs after shaving and on the heels of my feet. They are easy to use - just rub on the area you want moisturized.

Each bar will come in a twist up polypropylene tube (#5 recyclable). The tubes are shrink wrapped.

The last photo represents what the tube will look like with label in place.

These are great for traveling as they do not count as a liquid!

Do not allow your lotion bar to get too warm though - it will melt! Don't worry though, it will firm back up once it cools down.

Many scents of my lotion bars have matching soaps! Pair with the soap for a fabulous gift!

Contents: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance or Essential Oil.

See the drop down list below for all available scents.

See the Scent Descriptions Page for descriptions of all scents.

Customer Review - I have to tell you, I love this lotion! I totally regret not taking a before and after picture of my heels. They were dry, cracked, and looked horrible! Now they are smooth! Smooth! My feet would catch on the sheets and scratch my husband at night, they were so bad. And, now they are so much better. So, Thank You for introducing me to this lovely lotion!!