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WHO ARE YOU?  IS YOUR NAME FAITH? No, my name isn't Faith!  My name is Tracy.   As well as being a full time soaper/business owner, I work part time job doing all the admin/office work for my husband's consulting engineering business.  I enjoy reading, walking/hiking and kayaking. 

YOU HAVE A LOT OF SOAPS!  WHO MAKES ALL OF THEM? I do!  I am a one-woman show!  I do everything from designing the soaps, ordering the ingredients, making the actual soap, all the cleaning associated with making the soap, filling orders, answering emails.....on and on it goes!

HOW LONG TIL MY ORDER SHIPS?  I ship USPS daily so you should see your package in 3-4 days after you order!

WHAT SOAP CAN I USE ON MY BABY?  I recommend our super mild and nourishing unscented Naked Soap with no added scent or color.  Take care to not get any soap in their eyes because due to the alkaline nature of real soap, it is not tear-free.

WHAT SOAP CAN I USE ON MY FACE?  Any of them!  They are all great for face, hands, body and even your hair!

WHAT IF I NEED TO CANCEL MY ORDER - I ship nearly every business day so if your order has already shipped, the order cannot be cancelled.

DO YOU SEND PR OR FREE GOODIES TO BLOGGERS, YOUTUBERS, ETC?  No, I do not but thanks for being interested in my company and I hope that you take the leap and invest in me as a fellow creator! Feel free to let me know when you publish it so I can share on my social media too! I'll scratch your back and you can scratch mine!

CAN I RETURN PRODUCT?  No.  Given the nature of my product, I cannot accept returns.  Sorry!

WHAT ABOUT INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMS CHARGES?   You are 100% responsible for any customs charges.  

MY ORDER HAS A LOT OF POSTAGE CHARGED.  WHY? I ship USPS flat rate.  You could order 1 bar or 20, the postage remains the same.

I HAVE ALLERGIES - CAN I USE YOUR PRODUCTS?  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding allergens in my products and your sensitivity to them. While I always clean my equipment between batches, there may be cross-contamination with other soaps that may contain an ingredient you are sensitive to. Always do a patch test on your skin first and discontinue use if any reaction occurs. If a reaction is ongoing, please seek prompt medical treatment. The liability of my products is limited to the price of the item. Essential oils are not recommended for babies, young children, during pregnancy or for sensitive individuals. Due to the alkaline nature of real soap, it is not tear-free and care should be taken to not get this product in your eyes.

WHY SHOULD I USE HANDMADE SOAP?  I know you can go to Walmart or Target and purchase commercial soap for a buck. But once you start using homemade soap, you will be converted! You will not believe the difference it makes on your skin.  I make cold process soap; this process allows all the natural glycerin to stay in the soap - commercial soap companies actually remove the glycerin to sell as another product. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer.....why would you want to remove it?!​ ​

WHY IS THERE LYE IN YOUR SOAP?  Don't worry! You cannot make soap without lye! Once the lye and oils are mixed together, they go through a chemical reaction called saponification. During this reaction and the minimum 4 weeks cure time, the lye is reacted away! What you are left with is an awesome bar of wonderful, moisturizing homemade soap! ​

HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF HANDMADE SOAP?  Your soap should be kept in a well draining dish so it dries between uses. It is perfectly ok to leave it in the shower. I use one of those over the shower head caddys and have my soap collection on there! ​

IS THIS SOAP "NATURAL"?  My soaps are 95-100% all natural. The only non-natural ingredients in some of my soaps are fragrance oil, pigments and micas (color).  Also, 'natural' is an unregulated term so you may see many others using that word very loosely.

WHAT IS A FRAGRANCE OIL? A fragrance oil is a synthetic compound in a carrier oil. I use fragrance oils because there are some amazingly, wonderful scents available and I love them! Some of my soaps are made with essential oils which are 100% natural. Essential oils are extracted from plants and leaves. 

WHAT ARE PIGMENTS?  Pigments are the colors in the soap. They may be oxides or ultramarines. They are made in a lab to be "nature identical" and more pure than those extracted from nature. They are cosmetically safe colorants that are used in make-up.

WHAT IS MICA?  Mica is a natural product but these are coated with pigments (as described above) to achieve color. They shimmer and shine in soap! It is the exact same stuff you see in your lipstick, eye shadow and blush.


  • Olive Oil - cleans well, attracts and holds external moisture and forms a breathable film without blocking natural skin functions
  • Coconut Oil - moisturizing, promotes lathering and hardness
  • Palm Oil - mild, promotes soap hardness

  • Sweet Almond Oil - excellent emollient, known to soften, soothe and condition skin

  • Jojoba Oil - moisturizer and humectant, contains waxy esters which help skin maintain normal functions while allowing skin to repair and rebalance itself.

  • Shea Butter - soothes and softens dry, chapped skin while nourishing all skin types, good for sensitive skin

  • Avocado Oil - high in vitamins A, E and D, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, chlorophyll and glycerides, easily absorbed, heals and regenerates skins cells and tissues

WHAT DOES J316 ON THE BOTTOM OF MY SOAP MEAN?  My amazing husband made me the stamp that I hand stamp each soap with J316.  It stands for John 3:16 from the Bible. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."   Each soap is blessed with this amazing scripture & it is my prayer that my soaps are a blessing to you!